The Classroom Energy Diet Challenge

Falgarwood Public School




Our class has started the initiative to only use reusable water bottles in our school. Last year we got new refillable water bottle stations installed, so there is no reason we should be using plastic water bottles. Yesterday, 14/15 students in our class brought in reuseable water bottles. That saved at least 14 plastic water bottles from recycling, or ever being made. Today we were up to 17/18 students. We have now expanded the challenge to the rest of the school. If all 400 students at our school only use reuseable water bottles, then we could be saving the earth a lot of energy from making and recycling bottles! Next week we are also planning to have a Bottled Water vs. Tap Water taste test, and this is when we will get our school to sign the pledge to only use reuseable water bottles!

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