The Classroom Energy Diet Challenge

O. S. Geiger School




Our first step was figuring out the distance between our school in Calgary and the Canadian Geographic Headquarters in Ottawa. We then used the list that we had brainstormed for the Buckle Up challenge for ideas of modes of transportation. We placed a map of Canada in the centre of anchor chart paper sheets and worked in groups to figure out: 1) Method of Transportation 2) The route that we had to take (what cities would we pass through; and what streets and directions we had to take) 3) Total distance 4) Cost of trip 5) Energy efficiency and how realistic the method is We used different colours for each method. It was interesting to us that it was faster to go through the USA to get to Ottawa. After our research and presentations were done, we decided that the top two realistic and most energy efficient ways to get our class from our school to the Canadian Geographic Headquarters would be plane or bus.

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