The Classroom Energy Diet Challenge


Lumley Room 11



We used plastic bottle lids to create pieces of art promoting Energy Diet and Water Does Wonders. We created pictures of wind energy, don't buy bottles of water, turn off the lights, a recycle bin, Energy Diet and an abstract piece. We photographed them for our wall display.

  • IMG_4768_image_2017-02-01_113043_5440_140.JPG
  • IMG_4772_image_2017-02-01_113004_5440_140.JPG
  • IMG_4773_image_2017-02-01_113015_5440_140.JPG
  • IMG_4775_image_2017-02-01_113028_5440_140.JPG
  • IMG_4779_image_2017-02-01_112810_5440_140.JPG
  • IMG_4781_image_2017-02-01_112759_5440_140.JPG

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