The Classroom Energy Diet Challenge

Errol Village P.S.




For this challenge, we wanted to make real art from items that might otherwise end up in e garbage. In the style of Junior Fritz Jacquet, we used paper rolls to make faces, using water and folding to give these grumpy guys expression.

  • img_2830_image_2017-02-10_113936_6145_140.jpg
  • img_2832_image_2017-02-10_113920_6145_140.jpg
  • img_2833_image_2017-02-10_113905_6145_140.jpg
  • img_2834_image_2017-02-10_113850_6145_140.jpg
  • img_2835_image_2017-02-10_113838_6145_140.jpg
  • img_2837_image_2017-02-10_113808_6145_140.jpg

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