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We got the ball rolling doing a different challenge, so we kept on trucking along in Science today. We brainstormed some energy related issues that we could create a story on, then read it to grade 1's as part of our buddy reading program. The class came up with a lot of good ideas, I have included a few of the pages from one of the books my grade 5's came up with.

  • 16388147_1125426847566478_8439213416264194226_n_image_2017-01-31_093310_5485_144.jpg
  • 16406621_1125426887566474_4486068369794687546_n_image_2017-01-31_093328_5485_144.jpg
  • 16406795_1125426844233145_3803025631508845331_n_image_2017-01-31_093239_5485_144.jpg
  • 16427558_1125426834233146_1698951367563804499_n_image_2017-01-31_093245_5485_144.jpg
  • 16473417_1125426880899808_6344176290470373401_n_image_2017-01-31_093325_5485_144.jpg
  • 16473434_1125426810899815_8424632747152432089_n_image_2017-01-31_093317_5485_144.jpg

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