The Classroom Energy Diet Challenge

O. S. Geiger School




As a class we reviewed what wind energy was. We talked about the positives (renewable energy, environmentally friendly) and the negatives (not always reliable). We then made diagrams describing how wind energy (mostly through turbines) is produced. We then displayed our diagrams.

  • windy1_image_2017-03-03_112716_5711_146.jpg
  • windy2_image_2017-03-03_112725_5711_146.jpg
  • windy3_image_2017-03-03_112733_5711_146.jpg
  • windy4_image_2017-03-03_112740_5711_146.jpg
  • windy5_image_2017-03-03_112746_5711_146.jpg

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