The Classroom Energy Diet Challenge

Falgarwood Public School




Students used the local food guide on the Farmland Ontario website to determine what fruits and vegetables are available in Ontario and when they are in season. They also noted where you could find them, and will now look for the "Foodland Ontario" symbol at the grocery store. When they "went shopping" with their store flyers they were surprised to find that some stores actually add that the food is local. We also figured out that if a food was local, it spent less time on a truck, was probably more fresh, and even cheaper because it didn't require as much gas to ship it to our stores. We also found that some food comes from very far away- fish from Greece, Bananas from Jamaica, lots of things from Mexico, South America and the USA. These foods have to be picked very early, so they are less fresh, and then they must travel by boat or truck, wasting energy and costing us more! Please see the link below so you know what is local and fresh in Ontario!

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