The Classroom Energy Diet Challenge

Rainbow Creek

5 N-Z

Energy Reduction Pledge Form



Once you have entered your information to sign this pledge, you will receive a confirmation e-mail. Please click on the link in the e-mail to officially register your signature to this pledge. Your full name will appear on the signature list below, however your e-mail will remain confidential.


  1. Linda Newton-Zaharia
  2. allison tuck
  3. leah tuck
  4. Lauren Bridgewater
  5. L Zaharia
  6. madina zeineddine
  7. alexander popoff
  8. Julia Newton
  9. Lindsey Pears
  10. Neva Popoff
  11. Bonnie Hilford
  12. Barbara Howes
  13. Leslie Garries
  14. Dawn Rife
  15. Juli Huynh

Completed Challenges

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