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Lesson Plan

Students will learn about the concept of carbon footprints and calculate their own.

Complete one of the following options. Each option is worth the same number of points. You will only be able to submit work and get points for one option.

Option 1: Calculate your carbon footprint and compare it with that of someone in the developing world
Students will explore the concept of a carbon footprint, calculate their own footprint and that of someone their own age living in a developing nation.

Option 2: Calculate your carbon footprint and make changes to reduce it
Students will explore the concept of a carbon footprint, calculate their annual footprint and create a display illustrating to others how they can reduce or offset their footprints.

Learning outcomes
By the end of this activity, students:

  • will be able to calculate their carbon footprint and explain its importance
  • will have compared and contrasted standards of living in Canada with those in developing countries (option 1)
  • will have determined ways to decrease their footprint (option 2)


CEDC blog: which calculator is right for your class

The Carbon Monster: This is a great video to help introduce what a carbon footprint is to younger grades.

The Green

The Green Ninja

Good planet foundation

Calculate your carbon footprint, and learn more about what a carbon footprint is through the Global Footprint Network

How big is your environmental footprint? Visit the World Wildlife Fund to calculate it. 

You can also try the carbon footprint calculator

Another carbon footprint calculator to try is the Islandwood Ecological Footprint Calculator

Read what the Nature Conservancy has to say about carbon footprints. 

Check out how stuff works, to find out how carbon footprints really work. 

Watch a video explaining the carbon footprint. 

Watch a 3-D animation explaining how we use - and misuse - energy. 

Compare your lifetyle to that of a child's living in another country by visiting here.

Take this cool quiz to see if you need to improve your carbon footprint. 

Nasa Climate Kids


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