The Classroom Energy Diet Challenge

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Lesson Plan

Students will calculate the amount of water they use and determine ways to reduce it.

There is only one option for this challenge.

Please complete the challenge to determine how many litres (L) of water you can save. Once you hit “submit,” your savings will be added to the total savings on the Classroom Energy Diet Challenge homepage.

Learning outcomes
By the end of this activity, students:

  • will have determined and discussed their daily water use
  • will have identified strategies and initiatives for reducing water use
  • will have worked to reduce their daily water use


Check out this info graphic of how much water we use directly and indirectly.

This infographic shows the breakdown of how much water the average person consumes daily, and a how they consume it.  

Visit the Water Footprint Network to see just how much water countries, corporations and processes such as farming use. 

A National Geographic article explains how washing your hands with a far higher temperature than is neccessary to kill germs wastes a surprising amount of energy. 

Visit Levi's website to learn about how you can save water, and to find out what 'waterless'jeans are. 

World Water Day  

Imagine all the water 

Canadian Geographic protect your watershed

Wateraid Canada

Watersheds video

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Thursday, April 25, 2019 | 12:23 pm ET
Was not aware that the cut off was Eastern time as here in BC I had two more to upload. Thanks so much

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