The Classroom Energy Diet Challenge

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Lesson Plan

Students will produce a one-minute public service announcement video about ways to save energy.


Please complete the challenge below, upload your completed video and press “submit.”

All videos uploaded to the website will automatically be eligible to receive public votes when voting opens on April 1, 2019 (public voting closes April 25, 2019). Videos can be uploaded any time before or after this date, but voting deadlines will not be extended for late entries.


By the end of this activity, students:

  • will have identified ways to create an effective public service announcement
  • will have worked as a team to design and produce a video


Classroom Updates

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The One Hour, No Power Challenge was just completed by Pavan - Grade of Tuscany School.

The How Big Are Your Carbon Feet? Challenge was just completed by Pavan - Grade of Tuscany School.

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