The Classroom Energy Diet Challenge

Los ahorradores de energía

W.O. Mitchell School





This is the logo of the Grade 4 Waste Reduction Crew. Every class takes turns each month to do Ecoamigos chores around the school.

Incomplete Challenges [ 8 ]

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A Green Powered CanadaBuckle UpGet GrowingRecycle, Reduce and Re-giftThe Phantom of the ClassroomWhat’s For Lunch?Video ChallengeTake Home

Completed Challenges [ 8 ]

Community ConnectionsDo you really need it?How Big Are Your Carbon Feet?One Hour, No PowerPost-ItStory TimeTips, Tricks and AnnouncementsWater Works

Classroom Updates

The Take Home Challenge was just completed by Grade 8 - Grade of Ottawa Jewish Community School.

The Community Connections Challenge was just completed by Los ahorradores de energía - Grade of W.O. Mitchell School.

The One Hour, No Power Challenge was just completed by Pavan - Grade of Tuscany School.

The How Big Are Your Carbon Feet? Challenge was just completed by Pavan - Grade of Tuscany School.

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