The Classroom Energy Diet Challenge

Room 202

Taylor Creek Public School





Incomplete Challenges [ 14 ]

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A Green Powered CanadaCommunity ConnectionsDo you really need it?Get GrowingOne Hour, No PowerPost-ItRecycle, Reduce and Re-giftStory TimeThe Phantom of the ClassroomTips, Tricks and AnnouncementsWater WorksWhat’s For Lunch?Video ChallengeTake Home

Completed Challenges [ 2 ]

Buckle UpHow Big Are Your Carbon Feet?

Classroom Updates

The How Big Are Your Carbon Feet? Challenge was just completed by 4/5s - Grade of John Galt Public School.

The Recycle, Reduce and Re-gift Challenge was just completed by Mrs. Bowkowy’s 2’s - Grade of École Coloniale Estates.

The Take Home Challenge was just completed by Energy ninjas - Grade of ABC Montessori Private School.

The The Phantom of the Classroom Challenge was just completed by Mr. Vanderlinden's Valiant Visionaries - Grade of Dr. Roberta Bondar School.

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