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How Big Are Your Carbon Feet? Challenge

February 15, 2018

The How Big Are Your Carbon Feet challenge is a popular with teachers for kicking off this year’s Classroom Energy Diet Challenge. Here are some tips from teachers on how to complete the challenge and comments on what has worked best for their classrooms.

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Environmentally friendly holiday ideas

Tanya Kirnishni
December 18, 2017

Here are some helpful tips on how to conserve energy over the holidays.

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Everyday Energy Facts

November 29, 2017

Education in energy conservation is something all Canadians can benefit from. Below are some energy facts that show all the direct and indirect ways that energy impacts us.

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What is the Classroom Energy Diet Challenge?

November 3, 2017

The Classroom Energy Diet Challenge is a great way to teach students about the many ways energy impacts our daily lives. This fun, award winning program is free and available for any K-12 classroom in Canada.

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