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February 27 was International Polar Bear Day! We met with our Kindergarten Reading Buddies and went on a walk to show we care about polar bears. The Polar Bear Walk was first started by Sean Hutton in Guelph, Ontario in 2013. Our school has participated a number of times. This year we couldn't plan a whole school event due to our current job action but we were delighted to walk for Polar Bears with our buddies. We carried our polar bear art and chanted "we love polar bears." We also read a story book altogether called "Winston of Churchill: One Bear's Battle Against Global Warming" by Jean Davies Okimoto. Grade 3/4s watched a video about the plight of Hudson Bay polar bears. Usually we use the walk as a opportunity to fundraise for WWF Canada as this is one of their fundraising events. Instead this year, we held a number of fundraising for WWF Canada in January, raising $515.15 to be directed to WWF Australia to support emergency care for animals and habitat restoration following the bushfires. We learned that Polar Bear walks are another way that WWF Canada raises money to support their work, in this case for Arctic habitats.

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