The Classroom Energy Diet Challenge

Cresthaven Public School

Gillis Green Team



When schools closed we had not yet completed this challenge. I had planned to start it after the March break so that we wouldn't need to worry about caring for sprouting plants while we were away. When I had 15 minutes of access to my classroom to grab a few resources for distance learning, I grabbed seeds, soil and pots! Ha. I planted and planted at home as if I had a whole class of students with me and documented it all to share with the class in a Google Slides presentation. Students used my presentation to make predictions in a Google Form survey. Kids were also encouraged to "Get Growing" at home. To help make this more accessible during these times, I encouraged the kids to experiment with seeds from their food and by using tea bags and coffee grinds as seed starters. Other suggestions to be involved such as documenting spring growth outdoors or researching about their houseplants were also included. After 1 week I shared updates with the class about which seeds had grown and by how much. Students then used Google Forms again to compare results to their predictions and make some observations. I also presented this work on a Zoom workshop for teachers with 65 participants so hopefully I've help encouraged other teachers to "Get Growing" with their students during Distance Learning as well!

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