The Classroom Energy Diet Challenge

Cresthaven Public School

Gillis Green Team



We read an article about "fast fashion" and talked about our carbon footprint. Students chose a clothing-related strategy for reducing their carbon footprints. We made socks instead of footprints for recording our ideas given our fashion focus! The socks were made with GOOS paper/newsprint & old fabric samples.

  • 0219160916_2961322478302449993_image_2020-02-19_140938_9939_199.jpg
  • 0219142540_4956674781666086842_image_2020-02-19_122541_9939_199.jpg
  • 0219134629_2231885091702326365_image_2020-02-19_114630_9939_199.jpg
  • 0219133140_6552098479542734168_image_2020-02-19_113142_9939_199.jpg
  • 0219133149_7904961651604913784_image_2020-02-19_113150_9939_199.jpg
  • 0219133158_2912631169793015856_image_2020-02-19_113159_9939_199.jpg

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