The Classroom Energy Diet Challenge

Cresthaven Public School

Gillis Green Team



We used data from a January waste audit to help us with this challenge. Students used their observations about what kinds of items were being incorrectly sorted to develop some survey questions for students and staff about where they thought the waste should go (e.g. where do you think coffee cups go?). Then students created digital posters to show the correct answer and to suggest better alternatives (e.g. use a metal straw instead of a plastic one or no straw at all). Displays were made to showcase this in the student lunchroom and in the staffroom. Students then worked in groups to create P.A. announcements to share this information with the school. 1. The results of the lunchroom waste audit. 2. The results of the staffroom waste audit. 3. Students vs Staff - who sorts better? 4. Where does your waste end up if you leave it on the lunch table or drop it on the floor? 5. How can you use our displays to help you learn more about sorting your waste?

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