The Classroom Energy Diet Challenge

Polyvalente Forimont




Plusieurs élèves se sont rendu compte que leur douche était beaucoup trop longue. Ils n'étaient pas conscient de toute l'eau qu'ils gaspillaient. Ils essaient maintenant de changer leurs habitudes de vie en économisant l'eau si précieuse!

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Update on the Classroom Energy Diet Challenge (CEDC) in response to extended school closures

We are excited to announce the continuation of the CEDC! We understand that the extended school closures impose a few difficulties when it comes to continued participation in this program, and invite classrooms to channel their creativity and ingenuity to complete any outstanding challenges. Where possible, we will be maintaining the current structure, deadlines and prizing, and will be adapting the existing challenges to be more easily completed by members of the classroom who are self-isolating. If you are able to work safely and remotely to complete challenges with your students, please continue to submit your proof!

Thank you for your patience and understanding, and stay tuned for another update in the coming days.