The Classroom Energy Diet Challenge

Cresthaven Public School

Gillis Green Team



We decided to go BIG with this challenge. First we collected some me data about our current snack habits. We were quite good at bringing fruit. Not very good at bringing vegetables and often had packaged snacks (granola bars, etc.) As part of our health learning we explored the eat well plate and learned that fruits and vegetables should comprise half of what we eat each day & our snack should include a fruit or vegetable. For a week of school, we all agreed to bring no snacks and make our own healthy snacks together. We used as many locally grown ingredients as possible including apples, carrots, cucumbers, tomatoes, honey, and maple syrup. While our homemade hummus wasn't local, it sure was a great compliments to our locally grown veggies. We made apple carrot muffins that were filled with local ingredients and the recipe is included below. They were healthy, local and DELICIOUS! We also connected this learning to a trip to a local farmer's market in the fall. Following that excursion, students researched the vendors we purchased from and looked up the distance they traveled to get to the market.

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