The Classroom Energy Diet Challenge


Grade 4/5 Room 10



On Friday, March 13, our school division announced that, due to the pandemic, there would be one more week of school and then classes would be suspended. The following week, a lot of students stayed home, which threw a wrench in on our plan to do a video together at school. After spring break, it took awhile to find and learn how to use a platform that we could all connect on. Once we did, we started planning and filming video clips to compile into a video. So, from isolation in their own homes, students did their best to come up with a short, creative tip to share with others. So many students wanted to participate, it was hard to edit them all and fit them into 1 minute but we did it. We decided that that was the them of our video, that it only takes a few seconds to do something to help the Earth. We are submitting this video late in the process, but it is filled with heart and all the learning we have done over the course of these last few months.

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