The Classroom Energy Diet Challenge

Cresthaven Public School

Gillis Green Team



Our video encourages our audience to choose healthy local snacks as a way to not only take care of their bodies but the planet as well. For an entire week, we prepared and ate all our snacks together as a class. Students did the shopping & the chopping! We focused on using local fruits and vegetables. This helped us to live more sustainably and reduce our carbon footprints. Making our own snacks also eliminated packaged food which saves energy and reduces waste. We shared recipes with families to encourage our good habits to continue at home. Students worked to develop our story, record our narration, help with filming and created the short animations throughout the film by working in small groups with Google Slides. Oh, and of course by making all those healthy snacks! Preparing food together was a wonderful way to bond as a class. How fondly I remember this special time we shared now that we are apart.

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