The Classroom Energy Diet Challenge

Cresthaven Public School

Gillis Green Team



We worked on an example in class and then students took this home to work on with their families. We tallied all the savings from the sheets that were returned one week later. Big thanks to the families who were able to make social media posts as well. Please see 2 posts from student families below along with some class posts. Our desks are usually filled with reusable water bottle each day and we enjoy using our school's refill station. We read an article about bottled water to support this learning as well!

  • 0226161839_3087149945939202281_image_2020-02-26_141846_9939_209.jpg
  • 0226161858_698428068969466522_image_2020-02-26_141905_9939_209.jpg
  • 0226161926_7502791851689539202_image_2020-02-26_141933_9939_209.jpg
  • 0226161952_3821696742642703927_image_2020-02-26_142000_9939_209.jpg
  • 0226162024_4188956050852476931_image_2020-02-26_142031_9939_209.jpg
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