Backyard Bio

Article by Can Geo Education

Now that spring has arrived and with Earth Day approaching, Can Geo Education wants to share an exciting resource and upcoming event called BackyardBio, which invites anyone interested in getting outside to explore nature.

What is BackyardBio?

BackyardBio is a global nature campaign encouraging the public, and especially kids, to get out and explore the natural world around them by observing, photographing and sharing images of the wildlife they discover. This event is an easy and fun way to foster an appreciation and understanding of biodiversity, it’s perfect for social distance during COVID-19 and it can be easily looped into virtually any broader campaign to encourage further learning.

When is BackyardBio?

BackyardBio is a month-long event where anyone can decide how much or how little they would like to participate. May 22, 2021 is International Day of Biodiversity and a great day to participate and celebrate all of the wonderful things you can discover in your backyard. 

How can I participate? 

It couldn’t be easier to participate in this event. There are three ways people can take part:

  1. Share what you’re doing on social media using the hashtag #backyardbio.
  2. Use the iNaturalist or Seek public nature apps (free to download), where anyone can contribute to citizen science projects and connect with a global array of naturalists to learn more about their observations.
  3. For teachers → register your classroom and connect directly to other classrooms around the world to share observations and stories of your adventures! 

You can learn more or sign your classroom up.

Watch the overview video for more information.