Canadian Geographic Education Resources

Article by Can Geo Education

Canadian Geographic Education (Can Geo Education) offers hundreds of lesson plans, activities, contests and resources to Canadian educators.

The Classroom Energy Diet Challenge (CEDC) is one of the many programs that we run to support and encourage geographic literacy in students. Below is a list of a few resources that will help you in completing challenges, as well as suggestions on how to connect these resources to the CEDC. All our resources are bilingual and free to download! 

CEDC connections:

  • Tiled World Map

    Our tiled world map is a great resource for students who love piecing together puzzles. With this resource, all you need to do is print out the map tiles (in colour or black and white) and put it together. You could use this resource with your students as you complete the What’s for Lunch Challenge. Students can each use a different colour of string or yarn to map their lunch. At the end, you will have a large display to show the rest of your school!

  • Circular Economy Learning Package

    This learning package introduces the concept of a circular economy to your students with a fun video and infographic. There is also a full lesson plan for educators! Use this resource for the Round and Round it Goes Challenge to provide visuals for your students to explain a difficult concept. 

  • The water you eat

    The Water Works Challenge is a popular challenge with the CEDC each year. Students have the opportunity to discuss and learn about the importance of water and how it affects their everyday lives. Canadian Geographic’s article “The water you eat” and its accompanying infographic is a great resource to highlight to your students  the indirect ways in which water affects our daily lives.

Cool resources to keep conversations going

  • Climate Change Infographics

    Can Geo Education has produced six infographics covering a range of topics related to climate change, such as how climate change affects urban living, biodiversity, and the environment. These  colourful infographics are a dynamic resource to encourage discussion about climate change with your students.

  • Anthropocene Education Program

    This resource presents students with an opportunity to learn about the history and science behind the Anthropocene and understand just how much humans are changing the Earth’s natural systems. The Anthropocene Education Program offers teachers interactive online tools to spark discussions and inspire students to explore various topics.

  • Fieldwork Guide

    Learning about the environment and how to protect it can happen anywhere—especially outside! This teacher’s guide was created to offer ideas on the variety of different ways that  students can learn to observe and analyze the human and physical environment around them.