2019 Energy Educator of the Year Awards

This year, Canadian Geographic Education and Shell Canada want to recognize two teachers by presenting each of them with Canada’s Energy Educator of the Year Award. This award acknowledges hard working Classroom Energy Diet Challenge teachers who have participated enthusiastically in the Challenge and who have shown commitment to fostering energy literacy in their school and community.

If you think you would make a great candidate, or know someone who will, here is all the information you need to know.

Who is eligible:

If you are successfully registered for the Classroom Energy Diet Challenge, have completed a minimum of 3 challenges, and have actively encouraged energy literacy in your school or community, then you have a chance to win!

Who can nominate someone?

Any educator, student or member of the community can nominate someone. Can’t find someone to nominate you? No problem. Teachers can nominate themselves for the award too.

How do you nominate someone?

Nominating someone is easy, follow these easy steps:

1. Send an email to [email protected] with the title, “Energy Educator of the Year Award”
Include the following documents:

* A definition of “energy literacy”

* An explanation and some examples of what this teacher has done to promote energy literacy

2. Attach 2 letters of support from any educator, student or community member

When is the deadline?

All nominations must be sent before the Classroom Energy Diet Challenges closes on April 25, 2019.

What will winners receive?

2 Energy Educator of the Year Awards will be presented this year

Each winner will receive $500 and a plaque with the winner’s name.