A Green-Powered Canada

Oh Canada, the true North strong and … green.

Canada’s renewable energy, or green power, includes wind, solar, biomass, tidal, geothermal and hydro. The combination of these renewable energy sources is responsible for about 10 percent of Canada’s total primary energy production and about 62 percent of its total electricity generation.

Through the challenge, A Green Powered Canada, students will research and present these renewable energy technologies to their class or entire school.

For five points, students must research and draw a diagram explaining how a renewable resource of their choice is used to produce energy. For the 10-point challenge, students will research a renewable energy source and determine how it would power an appliance. Finally, for the full 15 points, students must organize a renewable energy fair for their entire school and present different types of renewable energy.

This year, a grade six class from Richmond, Ont., prepared a PowerPoint presentation for their school and built models to showcase Canada’s renewable energy systems. What a great idea!

If you’re planning on completing this challenge, take a few pointers from this class and try spicing up your presentation using different mediums. Take a stab at modeling Canada’s renewable energy diet after a cooking show, like Chopped Canada, with the mystery basket ingredients as renewable energy sources instead of food items. Try organizing a debate for students on the best energy source for Canada, or even record a mock radio program that introduces renewable energy sources as daily news.

If a traditional presentation is more suitable for your class, explore some of these free presentation software programs, including prezi, haikudeck and timeglider.


Image: Storm, Grade 6 at Adrienne Clarkson p.s. in Richmond, Ont.