Are You Ready For The Video Challenge?

Starting April 1st, 2019 at 12:01 p.m. ET (yes, this Monday!!), voting for the Video Challenge opens. This is a great opportunity to get parents, community members and other classrooms to support the hard work the students have been doing. All you have to do is visit the Video Gallery on our website, watch a video from start to finish and cast your vote by clicking on the “vote” button afterwards.

Just because the contest starts on Monday doesn’t mean that you cannot still enter! Submit your videos anytime during the voting period. Within 48 hours, we will approve your video to get it into the contest asap*. 

And don’t forget the prizes:

Grand prize elementary: $1,500
Grand prize secondary: $1,500
“Best Comedy” video: $1,000
“Most Unique” video: $1,000
“Most public engagement” video: $1,000


*We reserve the right to reject any submission should there be an issue with its content.