Bringing the Energy Diet Challenge into your classroom

417,579 litres of water saved

316,269 plastic bags saved

3,695 hours without power

These are just a few of the amazing things that classrooms achieved over the course of last year’s Classroom Energy Diet Challenge. This year we want to do more! 

Energy awareness is becoming increasingly important as we continue to see the irreversible effects humans are having on the environment. Are you aware of how much energy you use? Are your students? To kick off this year’s Classroom Energy Diet Challenge, take the energy survey found here as a group activity. 

This is a great way to generate mindfulness on energy usage and initiate a conversation on ways students can reduce the amount of energy that they use. It will be interesting to see how their knowledge grows in the upcoming months. Taking notes of this initial discussion and reflecting back on them at the end of the challenge is a great way to track student development throughout the process. 

To introduce younger students to the idea of how daily habits impact the environment, watch the Carbon Monster Video as a class. Have a group discussion on the ways we use energy, what students are already doing to help reduce their energy use, and other ways we can conserve energy.

Help us make a difference in 2020!

The Classroom Energy Diet Challenge begins on Monday February 3rd, 2020 at noon EST. Don’t forget to follow the Classroom Energy Diet Challenge on social media: @CanGeoEdu, @Energy_Lit, #EnergyDietChallenge and share your class’ great work! 

Is your class up to the challenge?