Calgary’s sewage system is swamped!

With its rapidly growing population, Calgary’s sewage system is almost at capacity. According to Calgary Metro News, the city currently “pumps out roughly 900,000 cubic meters of ‘biosolids’ each year,” the equivalent of 360 Olympic-size swimming pools.

The city is now looking to build an innovative composting facility to better meet the needs of its citizens and the environment. This facility is one of the recent waste management innovations put in place by the city, including a blue and green cart curb-side, pilot-program to encourage recycling and to reduce the amount of waste delivered to landfills. Single family households are encouraged to place their recyclables, like paper and plastic, into the blue cart and food and yard waste into the green cart.

The overall goal for the program is “to to reduce the amount of waste going to landfills to just 20 per cent, and recycling or recovering 80 per cent of waste materials by the year 2020,” according to the city’s website. Like Calgary’s new environmentally-friendly alternatives to waste management, CEDC challenges like Recycle, Reduce and Re-gift and Track Your Trash help Canadian classrooms learn fun ways to reduce their trash and recycle as much as possible.

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