Carbon calculators: Which one is right for your class?

Type “carbon calculator” into any web browser and you will get thousands of hits. But knowing which ones are age and content appropriate for your class to complete the How Big Are Your Carbon Feet Challenge can be difficult. Below is a breakdown of some of the most popular online carbon footprint calculators to help you decide which is right for your class.

  • Zero Footprint Youth Calculator With this fun, colourful calculator, students are able to see the various ways people around the world contribute to carbon emissions. Through a series of questions, students calculate their carbon footprint and make future goals to decrease it.
  • Global Footprint Network This calculator allows you to create your own avatar and asks a series of interactive questions linked to your personal life and how you use energy. Not only can students calculate their footprint, they can discover which areas in their lives contribute the most emissions.
  • Carbon Footprint  This calculator determines your annual footprint based on a variety of factors including the province/territory in which you live. Students can also select different tabs to calculate the footprint for each part of their part of their lives, including household emissions and transportation emissions.
  • Eco Guru Created by the World Wildlife Federation, this interactive calculator provides 11 simple questions to help you calculate your personal footprint and think about all of the ways you use energy in your daily life. There is even a mobile version.