CEDC at Pakenham Public School

The following blog was written and submitted by a grade 5 student from Pakenham Public School. This year, Reagan and her grade 5 class completed all 25 challenges. The following is her perspective on what the CEDC means to them:

Pakenham Public School is in love with the Classroom Energy Diet Challenge! We enjoy the challenges, including The Phantom of the Classroom and my personal favorite, Media Mania! These challenges are fun and creative and I can’t wait to complete the rest of them!
We are learning so much with the Classroom Energy Diet! The challenges are fun to complete and we can learn at the same time! We learn cool and interesting facts and how to save energy!
Saving energy is important to me and the Classroom Energy Diet Challenge agrees with me! Everyone, reduce your carbon footprint and help out our amazing planet! Pick up trash, walk or simply just turn off the light!