Citizen Challenge #1: What’s For Lunch?

We are calling all Canadians to take on this Citizen Challenge! 

Have you ever thought about the distance the food you eat travels from its source to your plate? The farther something has to travel, the larger its carbon footprint. For the first Citizen Challenge, we are encouraging Canadians to grab their recipe books and to think local! 

Modeled after one of our 16 Classroom Energy Diet Challenge classroom challenges—What’s For Lunch—this challenge invites you to share with us your favourite recipe using mainly local ingredients.


Great news—for this challenge, you won’t even need to leave your house! Here’s a chance to practice physical distancing while showcasing regional cuisine.

Do you have a favourite recipe that you love to make when the growing season comes around? We’re looking for recipes that use ingredients that grow locally in your community. No need to put on your apron unless you already have some of those ingredients on hand. We just want to hear how you incorporate local foods in original recipes.


To enter, take a picture of your recipe (it should clearly show the required local ingredients as well as the instructions) and share it with us. And while you’re at it—what is your favourite local food? Here in Ontario, we love our farm-grown carrots and local cheeses! Submit a picture of your recipe and share your favourite local food by contacting us at [email protected] or leave a reply to our Citizen Challenge #1 social media posts on Twitter (@Energy_Lit) or Facebook (@CanGeoEdu), using #EnergyDietChallenge. Entries must be received before noon (EST) on Friday, April 10, 2020. 

To be eligible to compete in the Citizen Challenges, you must be a resident of Canada and over the age of 18. Make sure to read the Rules and Regulations before submitting. 


A draw will take place in the afternoon of Friday, April 10, 2020 and three potential winners will be drawn. If eligible, each will receive a $100.00 Shell gift card.


Please direct questions to [email protected]