Citizen Challenge #3 Water Works

Water: It’s the key to all life on Earth, and we in Canada are fortunate to be able to take advantage of some of the cleanest and most abundant freshwater on the planet. But statistics show we aren’t using this precious resource as sustainably as we could.

The Water Works challenge gets students to track their water usage and make a conscious choice to reduce it. The total litres of water saved by all students in the challenge are tracked on the CEDC homepage, and we’re always amazed at the results. Just four weeks into this year’s Challenge, our participating classrooms have already saved more than 32,000 litres of water!

Now, it’s your turn. As we prepare to observe World Water Day on March 22, we are challenging all Canadians to make a commitment to reducing their water usage. Here are some resources to get you started:

This infographic contains some surprising facts about a hidden source of water consumption.

Visit the Water Footprint Network to see just how much water countries, corporations and processes such as farming use. 

Check out the tips and stories on the World Water Day website.

Remember to share your water-saving tips and results with us on Twitter using the hashtag #thinkcreatedo!