Citizen Challenge #6: Get Growing

How do trees and plants benefit our everyday lives? Let us count the ways! They clean our air, provide shelter for wildlife, produce medicine and food and help to regulate the temperature in cities. Moreover, studies have shown that growing your own plants or garden can have tangible mental health benefits, encourage healthy eating and provide a great excuse to spend time outdoors. While our northern climate can occasionally pose some challenges for outdoor gardeners, getting plants started indoors is simple, inexpensive and fun — and now is the perfect time to start!

For our sixth and final Citizen Challenge, we’re encouraging Canadians to develop their green thumb.


  • Seeds — these can be purchased very inexpensively at your local garden centre, grocery store, or dollar store
  • Potting mix — See above!
  • Some planters — You can buy ready-made planters, or improvise. Empty yogurt containers make perfect starter homes for seedlings!
  • A sunny window, preferably in an area that’s not too drafty

Once you’ve gathered your materials and found a place to start your plants, it’s time to get growing! Follow the instructions on your seed packets, and in a couple of weeks you should start seeing little green shoots. Be sure to share your success with us using #thinkcreatedo. If you already have a garden started or flourishing house plants, share photos and tips to help others!