Experiences of a Global Classroom!

It is truly an honour to have my grade four class chosen to be a Global Classroom this year. 

There is far more to education than what a textbook and a pen and paper can teach. Anytime students have an opportunity for hands-on, out of the box learning, the subject becomes more relevant to them. Every student can get involved in a way that meets his or her individual learning style.

It is amazing to see my students so eager, engaged and inspired. Learning how to protect the environment is essential and they are acquiring skills that stretch across curricula. Without realizing it, my students are learning how to become ethical citizens, problem solvers, leaders and change makers.

After the first day of completing challenges, I shared our work and experiences with other classes and staff. It was a ripple effect; Students were reminding each other how to properly sort garbage, staff members were more cognizant of disposable items, and parents jumped at the chance to recycle. If a group of nine year olds has this much impact in a community in such a short amount of time, imagine what they can do in a lifetime.

Not only is this be an experience we’ll never forget, it is my hope that participating in the challenge will foster attitudes and values that will contribute to students’ lifelong learning.