Filter out the waste

Check your furnace filters. Dirty or clogged filters waste energy and are not effective at keeping dust out of the air you breathe. 

This is especially important as the cold weather months approach. Furnace filters should be cleaned or replaced on a monthly basis when they’re being used regularly. A clogged filter will use up more energy to heat your home and drive up your heating bills.

The Daily Green, a blog on environmentally friendly living from Good Housekeeping, recommends replacing disposable fiberglass filters with electronic models. Fiberglass filters protect the machine from air particles, but they’re not very effective in keeping the air clean. They filter out only 40 percent of debris, while electronic models can trap up to 88 percent.

Check out this link to learn how to clean your furnace filter

While you’re at it, vacuum the coils on the back or bottom of your refrigerator. The cleaner the coils, the less energy the fridge expends.