Free and easy video-making tools

The Video Contest is a great way to engage students who are tech savvy and is a fun way to spread the word about energy conservation. However, finding and using video-editing tools can be a challenge. Here are some free, easy to use video-making resources to help you out with the Video Contest this year.


This online video creation platform allows for video editing, collaborating and sharing across any device. You can invite other people to create and edit with you and there is a variety of stock clips to help round out your video. You can also save all of your video projects to your Google Drive account.



This online video platform helps you create videos as easy as creating a Powerpoint presentation using the ‘drag and drop’ format. Once your video is created, you can even add narration.



Just as their slogan suggests, this learning tools helps teachers make and share awesome videos online. It is easy to create a video with this tool using its ‘drag and drop’ process and there is a library of vibrant templates to choose from. You can even share them using social media!


There are lots of fun tools out there to get students engaged in the world of videography. Sometimes the hardest part is knowing where to start.


Check out previous CEDC video submissions for additional inspiration here and share any resources with us at [email protected]