Get the kids involved!

The Energy Diet Challenge really makes my attempts to lower my hydro bill look lack luster. I mean, I’ve bought the energy-efficient light bulbs and made sure to use my A/C less often, but I still find myself questioning whether I’ve really tried that hard. Over the course of the next three months, I am very excited to see how these families become successful and how their efforts can inspire me to pick up my slack.

The Challenge is of particular interest to me, both on a personal and professional level, as an educational tool not only for the adults who pay the bills, but also for the youth participants and followers who are still learning how they interact with energy in their own lives. I think that we will all be able to take a page or two from these families’ books over the coming weeks and make some changes in our own lives. To get the message across to younger generations, it made sense for us to extend the Energy Diet Challenge to a school setting.

The Classroom Energy Diet Challenge

Starting in February 2012, The Royal Canadian Geographical Society and Shell Canada will launch the Classroom Energy Diet Challenge! I am VERY excited about it! This eight week challenge will allow teachers and students from across the country in all age ranges and both official languages to explore the small changes they can make within their classrooms and communities to shrink the size of their carbon footprint. We are currently working hard to develop curricular linked assignments that are fun and interactive for classes to complete throughout the challenge.

As much as we’d like to think that energy-saving satisfaction is motivation enough to get people excited about the Classroom Energy Diet Challenge, we have been a little more realistic and sweetened the pot. While we can’t reveal what our prizes are yet, you’re going to have to trust me when I say that they’re amazing!

Spread the word

If you are a teacher, know a teacher or have a child in any grade that has a teacher, spread the word and stay tuned to the Energy Diet Challenge website over the next couple of months. Teachers, watch your mailboxes, as we will be sending out information packages. You won’t want to miss this!

Photo: iStockphoto/© RonTech2000