Get tricky!

Over the last two months, more than 45 classrooms across Canada have shared their best energy-saving tips and tricks in posts on the Classroom Blog.

This April Fools Day, use your social media savvy to share a few energy-themed jokes, or post a picture of a clever, eco-friendly April Fools trick.

To get you started, here are some energy-themed jokes and a step by step how-to on creating a “green keyboard”.

What would a bare-footed man get if he stepped on an electric wire?

A pair of shocks!

What is a silly, old man called?

A fossil fool!

What would you get if you planted a light bulb?

A power plant!


Green keyboard

To create the ultimate eco prank on someone, turn an old keyboard into a mini garden. It’s easy to do and only requires a pinch of trickery, a bit of preparation and some fast-growing seeds.

What you need:

 An old keyboard

A small bag of potting soil

A fork

A spray bottle with water

Chia seeds

Two large plastic bags

Paper towels


Cover the keyboard in one to two cups of soil, making sure all the spaces between the keys are covered. A fork works great for this step.

Spray the keyboard with some water, and continue working soil into every crevice.

Pinch the chia seeds between your fingers and spread the seeds over the keyboard. Use a fork to push the chia seeds between the keys and into the soil.

Place the keyboard on top of a plastic bag. Inflate the second bag, and place the keyboard inside it, creating a greenhouse.

Place the inflated greenhouse in a sunny window, and you’ll see results in 48 hours.