Green Innovations challenge

How is oil extracted from the Earth? What equipment do workers in the oil and gas industry use every day?

Students will find these answers and more through the Green Innovations challenge. For ten points, students will research one extraction method and explore its benefits and drawbacks. Students have many Canadian extraction systems to choose from, including open pit mining, in-situ mining and offshore drilling.

For the two other Green Innovations challenges – the five and 15-point – the focus shifts from non-renewable energy sources to renewable. To create recycled-material models (5 point challenge), egg cartons, bubble wrap and plastic and paper bags make great art supplies. Even dried-out markers can be suspended in jars of water to make watercolour paint!

In purely innovative style, the 15-point challenge encourages classrooms to find a solution to an energy problem in a developing nation. No classes have completed this challenge yet, but if you’re looking for some inspiration, check out last year’s Google science fair winner, Ann Makosinski.

Ann created a flashlight that uses heat generated from the human hand to create electricity. The flashlight, called the “hollow flashlight,” doesn’t use any batteries and it provides ample light for children in developing countries to use after sundown.

We can’t wait to see the innovative solutions students come up with!


Image: Proof for the 5-point Green Innovations Challenge submitted by Classe de 6e année from Arc-enc-ciel, Saint-François Xavier in Brompton, Que.