Hampton High School Seed Swap

On April 15th Hampton High School hosted the first ever community seed swap for the Town of Hampton. Community members were invited and encouraged to come to the school with extra seeds to exchange, as well as to participate in planting activities for kids, and Q&As with Dave Wolpin, owner of Kredl’s Corner Market, and Betty Kennett, the Garden Lady on CBC radio. Through the swap, people of all ages and experiences were able to participate and share their interest in home gardening.

The intended goal of the community seed swap was to promote environmentally friendly behaviours in the town of Hampton. With much direction and encouragement from their teacher, the students of Laura Myers’ Foundations of Math 111 class at Hampton High have fully realized the impact each of them have on the wellbeing of the local environment, and taken steps to ensure that this impact is a positive one. They aimed to share this new found passion with the community, a goal which, through the seed swap, was accomplished.

The seed swap was organized under the advisory of Miss. Myers, through her class at the school. Credit for the success of this event is owed to the volunteer participation of Olivia DesRoches, Dylan Walsh, Robin Reed, Gabrielle Moulton and Maddy Riedout, and the planning and organization done by Ally Buchanan.