Happy National Sweater Day

Happy National Sweater Day:  a great day to teach young students about energy conservation

If there is one thing we can all agree on regarding energy, it’s that energy conservation is important and should be taught at a young age. But teaching large concepts such as energy conservation, carbon footprint and climate change to young students can be a difficult task.

A great solution to this is National Sweater Day (February 6) . Created by the World Wildlife Federation, this day asks all Canadians to wear their warmest sweater and turn down their thermostats. It reminds Canadians to monitor our energy use and encourages them to think about how individual actions, however small, can have a large impact.

By encouraging students of any age to put on a sweater, teachers can generate discussions on energy issues like conservation and climate change, as well as connect energy use to students’ lives. So, lets put on our sweaters today, turn down the thermostats and start the discussion!


For more information, visit sweaterday.ca.