Happy World Water Day?

Today is World Water Day, a perfect occasion to talk about what else? Water! When I think of access to water, I tend to think on a global scale; however, we need not look beyond our own backyard to find inadequate access to potable water. Many communities across Canada do not have access to drinking water at their fingertips and many for over a decade. Take for example, the community of La Martre in Gaspésie. It has been 18 years since they had access to potable water. Could you imagine boiling your water every time you want a drink? Or at school, reaching for the water fountain tap only to realize that it isn’t drinkable and could make you very sick.


Use this day to teach students about Canada’s precious resource and the direct and indirect ways we use water. Track how much you use and how much you can save in our Water Works challenge.

Here are some examples from the classroom so far in this year’s contest:


The class “Los ahorradores de energía” reflected on their water usage .

The class “PhillipsCGC1DGEO” graphed their water usage and pledged to take steps to reduce it.


8G did extensive work around water stewardship, created displays and presented their findings about the urban water cycle.

8G’s water display for younger students.