International Polar Bear Day

Did you know?

– Polar bears are left-handed

– Canada is one of five “”polar bear nations,”” along with the United States (Alaska), Russia, Denmark (Greenland) and Norway

– A polar bear’s territory depends upon the break-up and freezing patterns of the sea ice and the bear’s ability to travel the ice floes in search of food 

– From 1984 to 2004, the western Hudson Bay polar bear population has declined from 1,194 to 935

Today, February 27, 2013, is international polar bear day and a chance to reflect on how warming temperatures caused by climate change is threatening polar bears’ natural Arctic habitat.

That’s why it is important for each and every one of us to do our part to save reduce our carbon footprint and save energy. Our CEDC classrooms have set a great example for Canada by promoting the need to conserve energy and serving as inspirations to us all.

At this point in the competition, 88 energy challenges have been completed including hunting for phantom energy (completed by nine classrooms so far) and participating in One hour, No power (completed by 18 classrooms). Great work everyone on setting such an excellent example for the rest of the globe!