Introducing the CEDC “Citizen Challenges”

Since 2012, the Shell Canadian Geographic Classroom Energy Diet Challenge (CEDC) has motivated Canadian students in Kindergarten through Grade 12 to think about energy: how it’s produced, how it’s used, and how we can ensure a sustainable future for Canada and the world. Every year, we’re amazed at the enthusiasm and creativity demonstrated by our participating classrooms as they work through the 25 curriculum-linked challenges that make up the CEDC.

We feel confident that this generation of young Canadians will be well-prepared to meet the challenges of the future at home and abroad — but they can’t do it alone.

That’s why this year, we’ve broadened the scope of the CEDC. We want to encourage Canadians young and old to think about their energy consumption and explore ways to reduce it.

We’ve taken six of our most popular challenges from the CEDC — Water Works, What’s For Lunch, Carbon Feet, One Hour No Power, Get Growing, and Recycle, Reduce and Re-gift — and adapted them for use outside the classroom. Over the 12 weeks of the CEDC, we’ll be rolling out these six “Citizen Challenges” here on the blog and on social media, sharing fun and easy ways for you to “Think, Create, Do!”

Whether it’s organizing a clothing swap with friends or coworkers, sharing your favourite recipes to make with locally-sourced ingredients, starting an herb garden, or simply pledging to have one hour of device-free time every day, show/tell us, using the hashtag #thinkcreatedo, how you’re taking on the Energy Diet, and you could win some great prizes!