Let the Challenge begin!

Turn off the lights, turn down the thermostat and get ready for this year’s Classroom Energy Diet Challenge! At Canadian Geographic Education, we could not be more excited that yesterday marked the beginning of Canada’s energy diet.

This year, there are 1,274 classrooms participating from coast to coast to coast, some who’ve competed before and some who are new to the game.

Throughout the past few months, we’ve been from one end of the country to the other promoting the Classroom Energy Diet Challenge. We get asked time and time again the same type of question: Why is this contest important for students? I can list off a million different reasons why it’s important to develop engaged and informed citizens, and how this program helps to address the increasing frequency with which educators are seeing the term “energy literacy” in curricula.  Energy conservation is an issue of increasing importance to all Canadians and to help illustrate that, I thought I would take some photos around our office at Canadian Geographic.

Everyone who works in our office is an adult (though we may not always act like it!) and we’ve all learned about the environment and formed our own opinions and habits with respect to energy. Given where we work, we come across issues related to energy and the environment often and most people would consider themselves pretty energy savvy. Regardless of all of that, somehow there is always plastic in the paper recycling bin and lights left on at the end of the night. My guess is that there are many workplaces across Canada that are similar.

We “old dogs” need amazing, inspiring and creative students to teach us new tricks. I know that Canadian students are up to the task and can’t wait to see how you tackle the challenge. Push the limits of your creativity and ask the tough questions – but most importantly have fun!