Let’s Talk Energy across Canada

This week is the first ever, Canada-wide, Let’s Talk Energy Week. For seven days you’re invited to explore how energy is connected to your everyday life. This blog posts marks the second in a series of three to commemorate this week of energy awareness.

This week, don’t just talk about energy. Explore it.

Let’s Talk Energy Week invites Canadians to discover how energy is connected to their lives as well as how it affects our economic, social and environmental future. 

To celebrate of this week, communities, museums and provincial governments are holding events across Canada. Here are a few of them – along with energy experiments to try out at home – that caught our attention.

Fuelled by Innovation exhibit

This exhibit at the Western Development Museum in Saskatchewan explores a handful of vehicles that use alternative fuel. A mix of Canadian and international vehicles, this exhibit will get the gears turning about fossil fuels and renewable energy.

Perhaps the most interesting vehicle in the exhibit is the Gofer EV. This small electric vehicle runs on lithium iron phosphate batteries and was built in 2010 for use in Saskatchewan potash mines. Other vehicles featured in the exhibit include a steam-powered bicycle and a 1926 steam-powered car.

Visit Saskatchewan’s Western Development Museum online for more details.


For museums participating in Let’s Talk Energy Week in your area, visit energy.techno-science.ca/en/attend-an-event-ltew.php

Canada Science and Technology Museum take-home activities

To bring Let’s Talk Energy Week home, The Canada Science and Technology Museum has put together a list of activities that teach children about different types of energy.  Some of the at-home experiments include building your own sun-cooker, making an electric circuit using different kinds of dough, and how to build a watermill.

Visit www.sciencetech.technomuses.ca/english/schoolzone/try-this-out.cfm for more experiment ideas.

Listen up!

Talk Energy, a radio series dedicated to exploring what energy means to Canadians, is being broadcast across Canada all week.

Visit energy.techno-science.ca/en/attend-an-event-ltew.php for station information in your area.

High Energy Bills

If you want to scrutinize your school’s energy bills and you live in New Brunswick, energy advisors for the province’s utility will take you through each part of the bill, demonstrating how different appliances and weather conditions may affect winter energy use.

Visit www2.gnb.ca/content/gnb/en/news/news_release.2014.02.0175.html for time, locations and dates of the event.


Image: Gofer EV, http://www.wdm.ca