One class’ conversation with Suzuki and Van Koeverden

It’s not every day that a group of 12-year-olds get the chance to speak with their environmental super heroes.

Robert Connone’s grade six class from Richmond Hill, Ont. Got the chance to engage in a virtual conversation about water with award wining scientist, environmentalist and broadcaster David Suzuki and Olympic kayaker Adam Van Koeverden.

The conversation was part of the National Film Board’s virtual classroom program, which engages students in live web discussions featuring influential public figures. Connone and his class saw the virtual conversation as an opportunity to complete the Community Connections challenge.

“After this opportunity, my students were more acutely aware of how they use water every day,” said Cannone.“ They understand that little strides taken for water conservation will make a big difference in their future lives.”

During the conversation, one student asked about the water cycle and if water is still clean to drink even after it goes through a filtration process. Suzuki said that in order for water to be safe to drink, even after filtration, you must first be aware of what toxicities are in the environment.

“Because of how David Suzuki answered our class’s question, the students were able to see how their own ecological footprints, the way they interact with the environment, can affect our water supply,” said Connone.

Connone went on to say that Adam Van Koeverden, an Olympic medalist for sprint kayaking, inspired his students to educate their own communities about water conservation.

Since the virtual conversation, Connone’s students have organized a school-wide campaign to celebrate water and the role it plays in everyone’s lives.

Watch a video of the converstaion here,


Image: Proof submitted to the Community Connections challenge by Mr. Cannone’s Grade 6 class at Christ the King in Richmond Hill, Ont.