Phantom power: not just a Halloween problem

Beware…phantoms are not just a Halloween concern…phantoms can be found in your classroom, school and home year round! Phantom power, the power electronic devices use when on standby or turned off, is an issue that can be costly to your wallet and the environment.

Here are some fun ways to teach students about phantom power and why it is important:

  • Have students be detectives, searching for school devices that are plugged in but not in use. Create a school map of your school and plot these devices on your map.
  • Bring in watt metres and assign your students to different sections of your school. Calculate the total watts of the phantom power in each area then create a large school map in your classroom highlighting key areas.
  • Dress up as phantoms or design your own phantom notes to notify the rest of your school about phantom power.


Resources to learn more about phantom power:


Stay tuned for the 2015 Classroom Energy Diet Challenge, where your class can compete with other classroom across Canada to learn about phantom power and energy conservation and earn points to win prizes!